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Nowadays, media has a become people’s life line around the world. It is represented to us to match all kinds of personal pleasures. For instance, there is newspaper, internet, television, radio, magazines and social media sites. Some other evident examples might have been missed but the point of the media affects us will be gotten.

  Every single day, most of people connect to media through cell phones, car’s radio and television. Thanks to this technological advancement makes easy to consistently check media, hear and see it at moment’s notice. However, there are several issues that arise because of this advancement. Media can consume time, affect our personal and social relationships and most importantly: Media affects public opinions, beliefs and thoughts.

     This influence could be seen when there are news reports on legal case or unusual and usual tragedy’s like bullying, murder, terrorism and natural disasters. When we see and hear negative media about any subject, we form our own thoughts and opinions. What should be taken into consideration seriously is that the news that media give us are not all the time accurate or correct. There is also the possibility of changing our opinions because of what the society believes what to be acceptable behaviors. A great example is given by Schneider (2002) when they discussed how could drugs become an essential concern because of the big coverage of media.  “The media did not influence weather people thought the use of drugs was wrong, media coverage of the drug issue resulted in people thinking that the drug issue was an important one.” Schnieder et al (2012) says.

     Social issues of this kind were distributed through media’s coverage which has been developing as well as technology. The media may sometimes increase the intense of the issue. Many people did violent actions because they saw that on media and brought too much intention.

     Social media would an ideal example of how media influences public opinions. Even though some people claim that Facebook is an opportunity for those who were isolated to share their own beliefs, these people can affect other people’s opinion or make them lonely. However, Facebook used to serve as a way to keep in touch with family and friends but nowadays it has become a site to share media sites, opinions and pictures. Most posts on Facebook are “you may be interested in”, ads, posted links about news and natural disasters. The issue is that people take these links very seriously whether they are true or untrue,  accurate or not. Then, they form a certain opinion based on that.

     Above all, there is no doubt that media affects public opinions in many ways and through several media sites thanks to the huge advancement of technological devices. Since the media affects us, choose carefully what to feed yourself and from where. 


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