What is Research?

-Research is an well-organized inquiry that provides information and analysis for solving problems. It can be understood as the cornerstone of every science. 
-Research is a systematic and scientific searching for relevant information. 
- A careful investigation or inquiry for exploring ideas and searching new facts that concern a specific topic.
- An art of investigation to be better informed and have less biased decisions. Research is in contrast to the idea of guessing, hunches, intuition, and other personal experiences. 
 -Research is always related to WHAT(conclusions and facts) and HOW (critical components and facts). 
-Research is a process that eventually aims to solve, solve and analyze an identified problem.

Objectives of Research

Each research study has its own specific objective.  Some of the general objectives of research are:

• To achieve and gain familiarity with a new insight towards a specific topic. 
• To give very accurate characteristics of phenomena.
• To test and verify prominent  hypotheses and facts. 
• To analyze an phenomena, process, event... 
• To identify the cause and effect relationship,
 • To come up with solutions to scientific, non-scientific and social problems.
 • To determine the frequency at which something occurs.
 • To explore , describe, analyze and explain.

Research Methodology

It is meant analyze and come up with outcomes to a research problem. It may be understood as a field of science that studies how a research is  done, how knowledge is gained how and we find out about things. There several and various steps that are generally adopted researchers while examining a research problem along with logic behind it.  Methodology is about the main principles that guide the research area.
An ideal research must be organized and must undergo planning including previous performing literature reviews and evaluate what questions are posed and should have an answer. Research Method is the instruments and the behavior used in constructing and selecting research techniques. These techniques include surveys, interviews, photos, participants observations, collection of data. Research methods may be understood as all those techniques/methods that are used while conducting a research.

Characteristics of the Scientific Method 

-Empirically re-searchable
-Neutral (what harm or risk involved to respondents, confidentiality and privacy?)
- Shared and made public.

 Research Techniques:

Research techniques refer to the behavior and instruments which are used in performing research operations. This includes observations, recording data, techniques of processing data...


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