Cyber Bullying is still considered as a very new phenomenon in comparison with traditional bullying which has emerged for a long time, and there are differences between the two phenomena. The main difference between the two forms of harassment is that where physical power is an essential composition of traditional bullying, computer proficiency alone is enough to empower one to commit such acts online. The other is that Face to face bullying or traditional bullying depends on verbal and physical form which demonstrates that the victims of this kind of harassment may use physical aggressions in comparison with Cyber Bullying which relies on electronic devices like computers, mobiles, and other tools in order to bully someone. Hinduja S, and Patchin J. W. (2009). Cyberbullying Prevention and Response, Expert Perspectives.
    Those who bully others online are actually weak in the reality. So they use social media as a mean to show up that they are strong and can do and say whatever they want. They may also be victims of face to face bullying and choose social media as a space to take revenge. “Since there is seemingly very little supremacy difference in cyber bullying, students who are disempowered in the real world or are victims of face to face bullying, may resort to aggression through anonymity or fake identities”. Brown, K., Jackson, M., and Cassidy, W. (2006). Cyber-bullying: developing policy to direct responses
      Cyber Bullying cannot be defined and recognized when it occurs. It is anonymous and it may happen at any time as well as place. Cyber Bullying tends to menace a lot of people who use electronic devices especially the group of children and adults, because it is common with a wide audience and it is unknown while happening. That means the victims of this phenomenon are not able to recognize where and when they will be bullied by the aggressor up to later time meanwhile the assaulter could not see the reaction of their victims while traditional bullying can be seen and felt. Bauman, S. (2009). Cyberbullying in a rural intermediate School:  An exploratory study.

Mohamed El Houta and Soufiane El Moula                      University Moulay Ismail, Meknes, Morocco


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