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 Cyber Bullying is associated with a multiple of manipulative emotional, psychological, and behavioral outcomes. Hinduja S, and Patchin J. W. (2006). Cyberbullying Prevention and Response, Expert Perspectives.
   The targets of Cyber Bullying may experience some consequences and negative feelings. Anxiety and depression: victims of Cyber Bullying can feel the world knows what is going on. It may cause kids and adults to feel like the situation is more than they can handle. This occurs primarily because cyber bullying downs their self-confidence and self-esteem. Coping with Cyber Bullying regularly erodes their feeling of happiness and contentment.
     Feeling lonely is another result of Cyber Bullying. It sometimes makes kids and adults feel eliminated. This is painful because friends are necessary for them at this age. When they do not have friends, this can lead to more bullying that is when Cyber Bullying occurs most of adults and children shut down the computer or turning off the cell phone. This literally means cutting off communication with their world. Their phones and computers are one of the most important ways that keep them in touch with others. If this option of communication is removed, they will feel excluded and cut off from a part of their world. Sheri Gordon/ reviewed by Joel Forman, MD. (2018). Discover How Cyberbullying Can Impact Victims. Retrieved from
  Victims of Cyber Bullying may feel disinterested in school. Cyber Bullied students skip school to avoid facing other students bullying them. They also feel embarrassed and humiliated by the messages, posts, pictures that were shared. Even if they come to school they find difficulty to concentrate and study because of the anxiety and stress Cyber Bullying causes to them. As a result, Cyber Bullying students get lower grades than students who are not victims and they can lose interest in continuing their education after high school. Sheri Gordon/ reviewed by Joel Forman, MD. (2018). Discover How Cyberbullying Can Impact Victims. Retrieved from
Students who are victims of Cyber Bullying report having unfavorable attitudes towards school, they demonstrate behavior problems while at school, they might have higher rates substance abuse problems, and report higher frequency of peer aggression. Ybarra and Mitchell ( 2004).
    One of the dangerous results that Cyber Bullying may outcome is to increase the risk of suicide. Kids and adults get tormented easily by being a target of Cyber Bullying. So, they begin to feel hopeless. As a result, they may feel like the only way to escape this pain is through suicide. Doing that may even make them feel fantasized.
Rebica is a 12-year-old female committed suicide after months of online torment. She was bullied by dozen of her classmates. Her mother says that she was receiving messages like: would you please just die; you’ve not killed yourself yet? Her mother says that the harassment started over a boy. She tried to get her daughter away from the bullies by complaining to school officials. Even if Rebica changed her cell phone number and shut down her Facebook account, the attackers moved to a variety of messaging apps of social media. Rebica had written before she died “Every day more kids kill themselves because of bullying how many lives have to be lost till people realize that do matter”. CBS News’s report

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