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” A bullying victim may be seen like someone who is subjected to aggressive actions from someone who is more dominant than they are, and someone is bullied when they are repeatedly and over time exposed to negative actions by one or more students” Olweus, D., (1995). Bully/victim problems in school: Facts and Intervention.
     Traditional bullying has appeared for a long time especially among children and adults. It can be called, also, face to face bullying because you bully someone on his face in an aggressive manner. Traditional Bullying is also defined as a verbal crime or an aggressive action that is used by someone so as to insult or offense others without taking into account their feelings or emotions.
      The most common type of bullying takes place face to face where the bully and his victim are in the presence of each other. It may happen as we have said by using physical form, verbal form, or beating someone in order to insult, jeer, tease, and make silly jokes and names towards others. These passive behaviors are generally taking place in the presence of the two elements the bully and his victims to humiliate and damage the person who is being bullied. Indeed, where people meet each other, it is normally that meeting was a venue of bullying, also the verbal and physical bullying are being ignored or excluded while the damage and the hurtfulness is equal among them. Yet, traditional bullying has negatively and easily influenced the majority of children and adults, and it can also make a psychological and emotional damage on this selective group. Because of that, they should be aware and take care to this dangerous phenomenon, which threats their personality construction and future. To sum up, traditional bullying or face to face bullying is a bad gesture across time which still grows in our everyday life.

Mohamed El Houta and Soufiane El Moula  /University Moulay Ismail, Meknes, Morocco

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