Throughout this article, we will try to simplify the difference and relationship  between culture and language. These two are very important components of each society. We will see how culture affects our usage of language and how culture serves language in many ways. Besides the U.S society, we will give examples from other societies. 

How about we take a case of the words we use and how we use them regularly. We all get familiar with those words with the assistance of individuals around us, that is language. In any case, the manner in which we utilize those words that is our culture and lifestyle. 

In American English, there are perpetual stockpile of superlatives even in normal circumstances, for example, Great, Incredible, Phenomenal, and numerous others.

Thus, there are likewise superlatives, for example, killer, sick, sweet, or evil. These words probably won't bode well to everybody. Individuals may utilize these sorts of words dependent on the context and to whom they are talking.

These words mirror the way of life of U.S. what's more, how words links to them and empowers people to guarantee alliance with these subcultures.

Each word we express is a case of the beliefs, qualities and its beginnings. For example, Japan was a farming society depended to its temperament. Thus we can see loads of expressions in Japan worried to the nature and atmosphere.

Another example, in Korea, the term called "our" is for the most part utilized because of their community culture as opposed to independence. The expression utilizing the expression "our" is well known word because of the way of life they follow. This shows the way of life affects the language we talk.

The distinction between two cultures is reflected consummately in their dialects. It is essential to comprehend individuals who grew up with a completely extraordinary arrangement of qualities and convictions to comprehend the genuine connection among language and culture.

At the point when we experience childhood in a general public, we become familiar with the looks, motions and the example of voice and tone of correspondence of that society to underscore what we need to state or do.

These strategies of communication are generally learned by imitation and observing individuals which is a piece of both the language just as culture.


The words we communicate in may be language, however the manner in which we talk them, is all an essential part of our culture that society has been training us from the day we are conceived.

The ramifications of the connection among language and culture is essential to comprehend the values, history and ideologies. One must have the ability to comprehend the cultural foundation of language to genuinely gain proficiency with it.

All in all, how profound is your comprehension to the dialects you have learned? Have you recently remembered their definitions or interpretations, or do you truly comprehend what they mean and what are their implications?

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